Welcome to Trig – for ‘stress free’ ADS-B

Tired of hearing about ADS-B, worried it’s going to hurt your wallet and airframe?

Here at Trig we’ve establish a global reputation for ADS-B technology that’s smart, affordable and future proof.

There are solid reasons to make a Trig transponder the hub of your ADS-B solution:

  • Certified to FAA TSO C166b – ‘2020 ready’ to the latest FAA standard
  • Trig uses ADS-B on 1090 MHz, the ICAO international standard – use Trig worldwide
  • 1090 MHz can be used both below and above 18,000 feet – giving you freedom
  • 1090 MHz transmits directly to TCAS equipped aircraft – independent of ground stations
  • We have the best retro-fit capabilities and compact designs – save space, installation time and money
  • Free FAA ADS-B STC covering numerous aircraft – proven capability
  • Trig is compatible with a wide range of GPS navigators – cost effective, use your existing GPS
  • With U.S. customer support and the best warranty in the industry – we’ll look after you!

You don’t expect to do a course in mechanics before you buy a car! We don’t expect you to become a ‘geek’ in air space technology to find a suitable ADS-B solution.

From this page you can access product information, ADS-B resources or just contact your nearest Trig dealer.

Join the many pilots who’ve discovered that Trig is the best way to become compliant. Share with us how we made ADS-B stress free, we look forward to hearing from you soon – mail Trig