CS-STAN – for easier avionics installation

September 17, 2015

Trig Avionics has a long track record in making avionics installation easier and cost effective.

For many years Trig has provided European pilots with free Minor Change paperwork – saving time and money. A new certification specification, called CS-STAN has recently been introduced by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency). This provides owners of ‘non complex’ aircraft to benefit from an alternative certification mechanism. The new CS-STAN or ‘Standard Changes’ application should make it faster to install certified avionics. For many pilots this could make the purchase of a Trig transponder or 8.33 VHF radio even more attractive and practical.

The ‘Certification Specifications for Standard Changes and Standard Repairs’ or CS-STAN for short, applies to certified EASA aircraft below 5,700kg and helicopters below 3,175kg. This certification can also be used to accelerate avionics installation in motor gliders, gliders and lighter than air types. EASA claim the objective of CS-STAN is to remove the ‘burden’ of regulation across European GA.

Each CS-STAN provides a templated certification pathway – giving an alternative to common bespoke approvals, required under the Minor Change approval process. In practice aircraft owners can now select a Trig product and use the relevant Standard Change identified below. Certified aircraft must still go via a Part M avionics shop – your Approved Trig Dealer is best placed to advise you on the specific advantages and exclusions that may apply to your aircraft type.

CS-SC001a – Installation of VHF voice communication equipment

CS-SC002a – Installation of a Mode S elementary surveillance equipment

CS-SC003a – Installation of Audio Selector Panels and Amplifiers

CS-SC004a – Installation of antennas

Jon Roper, Marketing Manager at Trig Avionics said, “CS-STAN is a positive step, it should make it easier to install Trig avionics in many lighter types. Customers can benefit from a new Trig 8.33 radio or Mode S transponder that can be installed and approved at the same qualified dealership.”

Further information about CS-STAN can be found here.