Meet the team at SSA – Little Rock

February 20, 2020

A wide community of sailplane pilots, sailplane manufacturers and vendors are coming together this week in Little Rock Arkansas, for the 2020 Soaring Society of America Convention.

Trig Avionics will be on hand to show its highly compact transponder and VHF radio technology. These certified avionics are ideally suited to the needs of sailplane pilots – simple to install in the tightest panel space, lightweight and energy efficient. Trig products are highly regarded by soaring pilots worldwide.

With a technical expertise in glider installations, Lindsey Christie, Trig’s Customer Support Engineer said, “The SSA is a great opportunity for us to meet customers and find out about the latest changes in the industry. One recent change is the adoption of ADS-B within the sailplane community.”

ADS-B Out offers genuine safety benefits, making your sailplane visible to general aviation and commercial aircraft. Trig provides a simple way for customers to equip with ADS-B Out, using the popular TT22 Mode S transponder and TN72 GPS Position Source. This is a cost-effective way for experimental glider pilots to become 2020 compliant.

Certified gliders can use the same equipment, outside of 2020 rule airspace to be ADS-B Out equipped. Trig also offers the TN70 GPS (TSO-C145) for pairing with the TT22 in certified types, giving full 2020 compliance. All Trig’s ADS-B Out solutions will trigger TIS B traffic from ADS-B ground stations

Trig compact products, such as the TT22 transponder and TY91 radio also feature compatibility with many third party EFIS systems. This includes the popular LX9000 navigator series which is fully integrated, removing the need for Trig controllers, potentially saving further panel space.

Jon Roper, Trig’s Marketing Manager said, “Trig’s philosophy is ‘Better by Design’. All our products are geared to deliver the best combination of quality, features and value. These are the hallmarks that make Trig ideal, whether equipping a club glider or a high-performance competition sailplane.”

Jon and Lindsey will be on the Trig stand in Governors Hall throughout the SSA show and look forward to meeting SSA members across the week.