Meet the Team at the LAA Rally in Sywell

August 30, 2018

Trig is exhibiting at the LAA Rally, the sales team will be at the show and are looking forward to meeting pilots and attendees.

The Rally will be the first UK showing of the new Trig TX56 Nav/Com product family.

Jon Roper, Trig’s Marketing Manager said, “The team are excited to attend the Rally this year. We have always enjoyed visiting and are especially keen to show our latest products.”

The Trig Nav/Com is slimline, only 33mm high, saving valuable stack space. They are also 8.33kHz and share some of the popular TY96 Com radio features such as push step, say again and a personalised radio database. Unlike the TY96 the TX56 has a split screen so pilots can easily view both navigation and communication frequencies at the same time.

The Nav/Com also features a graphical CDI (course deviation indicator) this allows the pilot to navigate without an external CDI. The Nav/Com’s low-profile design requires no external cooling fans.  The compact size and features make it a great choice for both forward and retro-fit installations.

As well as previewing our Nav/Com product line, James Forbes, Trig’s Customer Support Manager will be presenting at the LAA workshops. Stop by the speaker’s corner from 15.00hrs on both Friday and Saturday to hear James discuss ADS-B the TX56 and 8.33kHz.

Come by the Trig booth (stand 2B) for a product demonstration and be one of the first to preview the new product line.