Race to the 8.33kHz deadline

November 17, 2017

The 8.33kHz mandate deadline is approaching fast. The good news is that we have radios ready to ship today. We can help you meet the mandate.

Pilots keen to secure 20% funding through the CAA rebate scheme must buy their radios before 31st December 2017.  Remember that our two-year warranty does not start until the date of installation, so pilots installing 8.33 next year will not be disadvantaged by ordering now.

The CAA have announced a more flexible 8.33 installation timeline. What the new CAA guidance means in practice, is that UK pilots can keep their 25kHz radio for the next 12 months if they do not need to transmit on an 8.33kHz channel. To be clear, the CAA stress that the 8.33kHz mandate deadline will not be changing. If you fly in 8.33kHz airspace or need to receive and transmit to an 8.33kHz airfield, then you must upgrade to an 8.33 radio.

However, if a pilot does not fly in 8.33kHz airspace and does not transmit on 8.33kHz then they can keep their 25kHz radio until December 31st, 2019. The CAA will review the situation then. This extension is for all GA, glider, microlight, balloon, safetycom and depcom pilots.

The CAA has shared, they are trying to make the change from frequencies to channels smoother, as well as giving extra time for installations of 8.33kHz radios.

Furthermore, the CAA are pleased to announce an update to their 8.33 Rebate Scheme. Now, any pilot who has an invoice dated before 31st December 2017 can make a claim for 20% of the purchase price and installation. Currently there is no guarantee on a rebate extension, so customers are advised to put their claim in now.

Get ready for the 8.33 final rush and order from an Approved Trig Dealer today.