Foot launched flight

Advice for Paraglider and Balloon use

Hints and tips on foot launched and balloon flight.

Our transponders and radios are designed to be capable of operating powered by standard dry cell batteries. Rechargeable batteries can be used if kept in good condition.  A single connection harness passes power and data between the Control Head and the Transponder hardware unit, these units can easily be stowed in a paraglider harness seat pocket, or even in your flying suit. Your Approved Trig Dealer can advise on a suitable antenna installation.

The transponder Control Head needs to be fixed into some type of housing and a small pitot tube fitted to gauge altitude. There are Approved Trig Dealers who sell a complete portable unit with transponder, battery and control head fitted into a small case. This equipment is particularly popular with balloon pilots.

Balloon pilots may need to fly with the transponder fitted in a variety of balloons, each with their own civil registration. The transponder must be programmed to transmit the correct ‘tail fin’ (or in this case) the balloon registration code for each flight. Trig transponders are simple and quick to programme, allowing a rapid change of the registration details ensuring the correct flight data is transmitted by the transponder. If you need to change the Mode S address this can be easily configured in the transponder set up menu.

Our installation manuals provide advice on suitable antennas, however if you wish to discuss your specific light weight installation just drop us an e-mail at