Flying For Freedom

Trig are proud sponsors of the Flying for Freedom initiative. This was set up by John Laity in partnership with Help the Heroes and teaches injured and sick service personnel to learn to fly, boosting their self confidence and recovery too.

Flying for Freedom is mounting a daring expedition to fly to the South Pole in flex-wing microlights. These will be piloted by wounded, injured and sick service personnel who have learnt to fly at the Flying for Freedom school.

Expedition aircraft will be fitted with Trig TT21 transponders and TY91 radios, providing vital positional surveillance capabilities and VHF communications in this hostile environment.

Trig CEO Andy Davis said, “The Flying for Freedom initiative is a true inspiration, Trig are proud to support such a worthy cause. The mission to fly to the South Pole in flex-wing aircraft has never been attempted by able bodied pilots.”

“It’s great that our wounded service personnel are attempting such an incredible journey as part of their own recovery.”

Throughout the 4,000 mile journey each aircraft’s flight path can be broadcast and tracked in real time; using the TT21’s ADS-B capabilities and onboard GPS equipment. Trig’s TY91 radio will allow each polar pilot to communicate to fellow team members within the Flying for Freedom formation.

John Laity, founder of Flying for Freedom welcomed Trig’s involvement. “It’s great to have Trig onboard, their practical assistance and proven avionics will be a considerable bonus in transiting busy airspace in the UK. In Antarctica Trig’s equipment will significantly add to the visibility and safety of each and every team member. Flying for Freedom operates British built flex-wings so it’s great to have British avionics too. Trig is helping us conquer the polar ice cap and making it possible for our service personnel to gain such a landmark achievement.”

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