Install and User Manuals

This page contains product information, user and install manuals and certification / approvals

TT31 Transponder

TT31 Brochure (UK), (FR), (DE), (US)
TT31 Operating Manual (version AF)
TT31 Installation Manual (version AR)
TT31 ETSO Certificate
TT31 ADS-B Certificate

TY96 Radio

TY96 Brochure (UK), (FR), (DE)
TY96A Brochure (US)
TY96 and TY96A Operating Manual (version AC)
TY96 and TY96A Installation Manual (version AK)
TY96 ETSO Certificate

TY97 Radio

TY97 Brochure (UK), (FR), (DE)
TY97A Brochure (US)
TY97 and TY97A Operating Manual  (version AC)
TY97 and TY97A Installation Manual (version AK)
TY97 ETSO Certificate

TX56 Nav/Com

TX56 Installation Manual (Version AE)

TMA44 Audio Panel

TMA44 Brochure (UK), (FR), (DE), (US)
TMA44 Operating Manual (version AB)
TMA44 Installation Manual (version AD)

TMA45 Audio Panel

TMA45 Brochure (UK), (FR), (DE), (US)
TMA45 Operating Manual (version AA)
TMA45 Installation Manual (version AB)

TT21 Transponder

TT21/22 Brochure (UK), (FR), (DE), (US)
Upgrade a TT21 to a TT22 – US Only 
TT21/22 Operating Manual (version AG)
TT21/22 Installation Manual (version AQ)
TT21 ETSO Certificate
TC20 ETSO Certificate 

TT22 Transponder

TT21/22 Brochure (UK), (FR), (DE)(US)
TT21/22 Operating Manual (version AG)
TT21/22 Installation Manual (version AQ)
TT22 ETSO Certificate
TC20 ETSO Certificate

TY91 Radio

TY91/92 Brochure (UK), (FR), (DE), (US)
TY91/92 Operating Manual (version AE)
TY91/92 Installation Manual (version AH)
TY91 ETSO Certificate
TC90 ETSO Certificate/library/00839-00-AG TY9x Installation Manual.pdf
TY91 Italian Radio Approval

TY92 Radio

TY91/92 Brochure (UK), (FR), (DE), (US)
TY91/92 Operating Manual (version AD)
TY91/92 Installation Manual (version AG)
TY92 ETSO Certificate
TC90 ETSO Certificate
TY92 Italian Radio Approval

TN70 / TN70A WAAS GPS Receiver

TN70 Brochure (US)
TN70 Installation Manual (version AA)

TN70A Installation Manual (Version AA)

TN72 GPS Receiver

TN72 Brochure (UK), (FR), (DE), (US)
TN72 Installation Manual (version AI)
TN72 ETSO Certificate

TA70 Antenna

TA70 Antenna (US) 
TA70 Installation Manual
TA70 Mounting Template

TA50 Antenna

TA50 Installation Guide

Wiring Harnesses

Transponder – wiring harness guide 
Radio – wiring harness guide 

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