STC for Qualified Installers

Thanks for your interest in Trig products. If you hold an avionics installation qualification, you may need our FAA STC, to complete a Trig transponder ADS-B or stack radio installation.

Trig’s FAA ADS-B STC enables the TT31 stack transponder, or TT22 compact transponder to be fitted in Part 23 certified aircraft. The FAA requires that an ADS-B installation complies with STC approved fitment instructions, that the aircraft is on the ADS-B Aircraft AML list and has a permission letter (for the aircraft installation).

Trig also has an FAA STC available for the installation of  TY96/TY96A and TY97/TY97A VHF stack radios. Please note a VHF radio installation can be completed by using an FAA minor alteration only – however an STC is available if this simplifies the process.

Qualified installers who are not Approved Dealers can also access our FAA STC pack and permission letters. In these circumstances we do need you to complete the STC application form below. We will then contact you directly to assist you.

Please contact us using the form below and ensure that your contact details are clear and complete.

(Please Note – Approved Trig Dealers who are qualified must access an STC via the Dealer Portal only).

    Trig Avionics will not share your details with any other parties.