Think like a pilot

October 13, 2017

UK based Trig Avionics employees recently took to the sky for their annual flying day at Glenrothes airfield in Fife. Staff from each department had the opportunity to experience Trig products first hand while flying in a variety of General Aviation aircraft.

The flying day is a fantastic opportunity for all employees to see the challenges pilots face in flying an aircraft. Trig’s ‘Better by Design,’ philosophy, not only applies to products but to all areas of the business, so putting employees in the pilot’s seat helps them to think like a pilot.

Trig’s CEO, Andy Davis passionately encourages aviation throughout the company. This year Trig employees had the opportunity to fly in a Seneca, Bonanza, Cessna 172, Aquilla, Bird Dog, flex wing microlights and a variety of fixed wing microlights.

Colin Gove, Trig’s Chief Finance Officer said, “It was an exhilarating day. The planes got progressively smaller, from a four-seater Cessna to a two-seater sports plane to a microlight, and the thrills got correspondingly greater! I’ll never forget taking the controls of the two-seater for a true flying experience.”

Cat McMillian, Trig’s Lead Operator said, “I flew in one of the Quik microlights, take off was a little exciting, due to the cross wind but I loved every minute of the flight. I think it’s amazing that Trig organises this day for staff, it’s a great experience.”

Trig Headquarters

Being in a light aircraft was a totally new experience for Trig’s Office Manager, Karen Preston, she said, “I flew in the Cessna 172 and the Aquila, which was a personal achievement. I was wary about being in a plane that small, but the adrenaline rush lasted until I came back down to earth. What an excellent day!”

Simran Singh, who joined Trig’s Support Team earlier in the year said, “The pilot was using a Trig TT21 and TY91. It was great to use the dual watch feature and listen to two frequencies at the same time on the radio.” Simran went on to say, “By just pressing the ‘mon’ button we could listen to both Edinburgh and Fife airport. It was great to see how easy the radio was to use.”

With 106 flights achieved and all 51 employees taking to the sky, the day was a complete success. Few companies can say all their employees have flown over their office, but Trig is no ordinary place to work.

If you would like to join us at the next Trig flying day, why not look at our careers page, we offer an exciting and dynamic environment where everyone’s skills count and the sky is not the limit but just the beginning!