Trig Avionics at AERO Friedrichshafen 2023

April 10, 2023

Trig all set to offer stack and compact products at AERO Friedrichshafen 2023

Trig Avionics will be at Europe’s largest aviation show, Aero Friedrichshafen this month, with an extended range of products available and ready for purchase via participating dealers.

Jon Roper, Trig Marketing Manager said, “This year marks an exciting milestone, for the first-time customers can order a complete Trig stack from dealers at the show. Pilots can see and demo our products and learn about ADS-B. Innovation is central to all that we do at Trig – in the last year we have added our TX56 Nav/Com and introduced a range of avionics antennas for both our transponders and VHF com radios.”

For pilots, Trig represents the best mix of quality, features and value. The Trig stack bundle consists of a TMA44 Audio Panel, a TX56 Nav/Com, a TY96 VHF Com and TT31 Mode S Transponder, for only € 11,129 ex tax. This bundle is ideal for aircraft owners upgrading their entire aircraft panel or as a slimline stack for new aircraft. The stack will be on display at Trig’s booth in Hall A5-501 at the show.

Jon Roper said, “In Europe the importance of having an up to date 8.33 Nav/Com, as part of a stack is underlined by increased levels of GPS jamming.” EASA now recommends that when flying IFR, then a suitable 8.33 Nav/Com is available to provide redundancy for GPS systems. EASA issued a specific Safety Information Bulletin, EASA SIB No: 2022-02. The bulletin advises that ‘essential conventional navigation infrastructure, particularly Instrument Landing System, are retained and fully operational.’ The TX56 supports VOR tracking and ILS approaches.

AERO provides a genuine opportunity to improve your airmanship and safety by finding out about Trig’s affordable and popular ADS-B products. The highly cost-effective TN72 GPS is an ideal upgrade to any Trig transponder, at only € 434 ex tax. Jon Roper added, “Whilst ADS-B is voluntary in Europe, being equipped makes you visible and safer in busy skies. The TN72 should be an essential upgrade for pilots flying with a Trig transponder – we look forward to sharing the benefits of this technology at the show.”