Trig – proven at extremes for pilots at Aero 2014

April 9, 2014

Trig Avionics are delighted to be at Aero 2014 showing their support for light and general aviation.

Andy Davis CEO at Trig said “It’s been a busy year at Trig, as we’ve demonstrated the qualities of our avionics through the Trig Aerobatic Team and given practical assistance to the Flying for Freedom initiative.” Flying for Freedom is a pioneering project enabling British, sick and injured military personnel to fly to Antarctica in flexwing microlights later this year. Each aircraft will be equipped with a TT21 Mode S transponder and TY91 VHF radio.

Recently Britain’s record breaking pilot Richard Meredith-Hardy returned from low temperature flight trails in Sweden where the Flying for Freedom team used his expertise to successfully evaluate the TY91 radio and TT21 transponder in a Pulsar flex wing microlight. Expedition founder John Laity of Flying for Freedom commented, “Trig kit proved trouble free, we used a throat microphone and standard aviation headset in an enclosed helmet to protect from the severe sub-zero temperatures. I was sitting in the tower as Richard transmitted on the Trig radio and it sounded fantastic.”

Richard Grace and Dave Puleston of the Trig Aerobatic Team also rely on Trig equipment in both of their Pitts display aircraft. “We’ve proved through hundreds of aerobatic flights that Trig transponders and radios deliver great performance despite constant exposure to high g forces, moisture, vibration and knocks along the way!”

Trig’s Andy Davis said “Pilots at Aero looking for smart, affordable and future proof avionics should come to our stand A501 in Hall A5. We will be delighted to show customers how Trig products are superior, for both everyday and extreme use. Richard Grace and Dave Puleston will also be on our stand, happy to talk to visitors about display flying and the skills required in flying their aircraft only feet apart, whilst pulling 6g!”

Trig continues to improve their product range – all compact radios and transponders now feature manual control of dimming, this enables the subtle customisation of display brightness. Recently the company’s flagship transponder the TT31 was upgraded and now boasts the widest compatibility with third party avionics, improved installation options and other attractive features. Andy Davis said, “The TT31 price has been reduced and all other Trig prices have been held this year. The wide adoption of Mode S technology and the move to 8.33 VHF radio means that there’s never been a better time to fit a Trig product into your aircraft.”