Trig to establish regulatory HQ in Netherlands

October 1, 2018

Trig has announced plans to move its regulatory HQ to the Netherlands, as part of its planned European expansion.

From spring 2019 production and certification of Trig products will be controlled from the Trig office in the Netherlands. These new regulatory arrangements will ensure that Trig products can be purchased with confidence. This change in compliance, will mean Trig products are unaffected by any potential disruption caused by Brexit aviation restrictions (as reported in news media).

Earlier this year, Trig announced plans for a new office in Amersfoort. Trig CEO Andy Davis said, “Development of our new operation in the Netherlands is going well. Amersfoort will become our regulatory HQ as well as our European sales office. This removes concerns about the impact of Brexit. Trig products will remain available, and certification for all markets will be secure. Customers can buy Trig products, reassured that it’s business as usual.”

“Customers can buy Trig products, reassured that it’s business as usual”

The new location will include a Part 145 Service Centre, providing support for customers based in Europe. New staff have been hired locally, and Trig is recruiting for additional technical staff –   vacancies still exist for suitably qualified candidates in Amersfoort.

“This move is part of Trig’s planned company growth” Andy Davis said, “The corporate HQ in Edinburgh remains a key part of the business. Our Dutch regulatory HQ provides business continuity; customers can expect the same first class service from Trig wherever they fly.”