Trig TY96A – working hard in a tough world

August 26, 2022

Servicing the national powerline network, is a tough and demanding operational environment.

Haverfield Aviation are powerline professionals with a fleet of 25 helicopters – all these airframes needed a new VHF radio, one that their pilots could trust. Haverfield’s avionics expert John Self explained, “Flying at low level and close to electrical pylons, our pilots depend upon reliable and good quality equipment. After careful consideration, Haverfield committed to using the Trig TY96A across the fleet.”

Haverfield are industry leaders, with the ability to rapidly move crews and equipment to remote locations. John said, “The whole logistics team rely on radio communications, to safely complete our duties. Flying helicopters near power lines is a high-risk operation, particularly in rapidly changing weather conditions. Despite these realities our helicopters are dependable and well-engineered – just like the TY96A radio, we are impressed with the quality of Trig equipment.”

“Our helicopters are dependable and well-engineered – just like the TY96A radio”

The TY96A VHF radio is slimline, only 1.3 inches tall fitting easily into a rotary stack. The radio provides crisp and clear stereo communications. Designed to be easy to use, Haverfield pilots appreciate the TY96A’s faster tuning, dual watch and the popular ‘Say Again’ feature. This allows the pilot to repeat the last transmission, at the press of a single button. Uniquely, the radio also has a configurable USB custom database that can store over two hundred frequencies and identifiers.

John shared that the TY96A radio is already popular with company pilots. “Pilots love the clear and simple display and ease of adjustment”. In his role of avionics installer, John likes the challenges of juggling installs and troubleshooting aircraft, he has enjoyed installing all twenty-five radios!

“I have had zero complaints about the TY96As. Since we bond onto high energy powerlines, I am waiting to hear from our field crews of any issues with this type of electrical energy. So far, all reports have been positive.” Every certified TY96A radio meets helicopter vibration standards, in addition to a wide range of environmental approvals – including exposure to electro-magnetic interference.

Jon Roper, Marketing Manager at Trig said, “We are grateful to John and the team for sharing their positive experiences with the TY96A. General aviation pilots can get all the benefits of the slimline TY96A radio in their aircraft stack too. We wish John and the Haverfierld Team future success and safe flying.”