TY96 and TY97 Radios – available now

July 22, 2016

Trig customers will be pleased to know that the TY96 and TY97 VHF radios have recently gained EASA certification and units are now shipping.

With the European 8.33 radio mandate fast approaching aviation regulators are encouraging pilots to get 8.33 equipped, now with the promise of financial assistance.

This week the UK’s CAA announced that UK pilots should be in line to receive a 20% grant towards the total cost of 8.33 equipage (more information from CAA). Similar schemes are available in other European countries – pilots are advised to seek guidance from their national aviation regulators.

Jon Roper, Marketing Manager said “The awarding of EASA certification means that our new radios are now shipping. This is great news for Trig customers, the support from the EU for €4.3m funding is also welcome and will assist aircraft owners to become 8.33 compliant. We are confident that the new TY96 and TY97 8.33 radios will be popular, providing pilots will a slimline radio packed with pilot friendly features.”

The TY96 and TY97 radios are of course valuable to all pilots worldwide. Their space saving format of only 33mm high and efficient design is complemented by practical features.

These features include ‘Push Step’ for faster tuning, a high resolution bright display and a superior user interface with a 200 frequency database – this can be customised and loaded via a USB stick. A unique ‘Say Again’ button allows the pilot to review the last transmission and an Emergency button provides instant selection of 121.5 MHz. Finally, a built in two place stereo intercom and support for stereo music makes for an impressive package that will improve the communication capabilities of any cockpit.

Trig has confirmed that additional national radio approvals, required in France and Italy are being made available. Trig has already secured the necessary French approval and Italian approvals.