Upgrade with a TX56 Nav/Com

November 25, 2022

Gain system redundancy and enhance your safety

For aircraft owners winter heralds a time to reflect on epic summer flights. This is also the season of aircraft upgrades. One exciting new option this winter is installing a Trig TX56 Nav/Com. This upgrade will enhance your avionics panel, improve safety and add value to your aircraft.

Many aircraft owners in Europe continue to operate and fly with a single 8.33 VHF radio. Some pilots changed a single VHF Com radio to meet the EASA 8.33 kHz mandate in 2018, but still rely on elderly legacy Nav/Com units, which have no 8.33 kHz spacing capability.

“Investment in a TX56 protects the safety of pilot, passengers and your airframe”

Marketing Manager at Trig, Jon Roper said. “Installing a new TX56 Nav/Com gives you a second 8.33 kHz VHF radio, this is valuable for redundancy. The slimline TX56 takes minimal space in the panel and it supports both legacy and modern CDI / indicators. Critically, the Nav/Com also provides redundancy to GPS, for VOR navigation and ILS approaches. If a GPS system failure occurs, then the TX56 becomes your immediate navigational back up. Investment in a TX56 protects the safety of pilot, passengers and your airframe.”

A Nav/Com uses established radio-based navigation, however today this has added value. In a topical twist, the war in Ukraine has seen a significant increase in serious GPS spoofing and jamming by Russia, across Europe. Whilst disruption has impacted areas in Eastern Europe, there have been incidents reported across numerous other countries. As a result, EASA issued a specific Safety Information Bulletin, EASA SIB No: 2022-02. The guidance highlights that the extent of potential disruption cannot be predicted. The bulletin advises that “essential conventional navigation infrastructure, particularly Instrument Landing System, are retained and fully operational.” The TX56 supports VOR tracking and ILS approaches.

At only 33mm tall, the TX56 has a clear display and simple user interface, to make communicating and navigating stress free. Dual watch and Trig’s unique ‘Say Again’ radio technology is featured. In addition, a built-in digital CDI and user configurable database of over 200 Nav and 200 Com frequencies with identifiers adds genuine value. The TX56 is available for £ 3,690 (list price) excluding tax. Pilots who want the peace of mind of a modern, reliable Nav/Com can order a TX56 from their Approved Trig Dealer.

For those building a new panel or making a more comprehensive upgrade Trig now offers a complete avionics stack – with the smallest form factor in the industry, at £ 9,121 (list price) excluding tax.